Play Video Poker Online for Free!

What is Video Poker?

You might have heard of Video Poker, but what is it, and what is it used for? This casino game is similar in size to a slot machine, but instead of cards, you play on a computerized console. The basic concept is the same as that of poker, only the cards are represented on a screen. The difference between slot machines and video poker is that the video poker consoles are interactive, which means that players can interact with other players.

Strategy: how to play and win?

Video poker is based on poker hands. Whether you win a round or lose depends on the decision you make when choosing which cards to hold. Depending on the paytable that is displayed on the machine, you will see the payouts per hand and whether or not you win. For example, you may have a royal flush, but a royal flush might be a better bet than one on a king. In both cases, you have to make the right decision and choose which cards to hold.

Paytable. How to get maximum?

Paytables: You can find out the payback percentage by reading the pay table for the game. In video poker, the house edge is usually about 95%, but you should check the pay table to find out which one has the lowest house edge. If you make 20 straight winning hands and lose 25 consecutive rounds, you’ll still win over ninety percent of your money. You should understand the pay table in order to maximize your chances of winning.